Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Cut Monday Some Slack

This is exactly how I feel.

I feel like a tonne of bricks just landed on me and I can't move.
I don't know where I've been these past few days but it just hit me this morning that I've got a month to get most of my life sorted out and I don't even know where to start.
I've got a bunch of applications staring at me waiting for me to fill them out.
I've got 2 units to study for in 2 weeks.
I've got a visit to my cousin coming up this Friday.
I've got to prepare for a visit from my mum and sister next week.
I've got....... So. Much. To. Do.

But besides the heavy bricks weighing on my shoulders, I woke up quite chirpy today. Even though I felt the day ran away from me, it was a nice day for a Monday.

Speaking of Monday......

Poor Monday.

It's so funny how nearly everyone complains about Monday {Me being one of them and probably in the running again next week}
But you know what, I think Monday got the short end of the stick. In the bid to get favorite day of the week, that cheeky dude called Friday out ran them all, Saturday coming in close second and you know how the rest goes.
But this is all Sunday's fault really.
Imagine coming after Sunday?
It's like entering a competition well prepared, knowing you haven't a thing to worry about until you see the people who you are up against. Some kid shows up with the best science fair project that produces real larva and you have a hamster on a treadmill generating electricity.
They are both good yes, but imagine hamster going after larva?

That's Monday.
Monday has to go after the day that everyone finally gets to rest and slow down and spend the whole day sleeping.
It's not this poor kids fault.
If I knew anything about Monday I would think even it is afraid of coming around every week, knowing there are going to be a bunch annoyed people cursing their alarms and whatever other Monday morning rituals they may/sometimes/tend to do just because it came around.

So let's cut Monday some slack and blame this all on Sunday for being so damn good.

Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies!



  1. I think the real culprit is Sunday night. She's a bitch.

  2. Tell me about it. What a day!

  3. I actually hate Sundays because I have to go back to work the next day so Sunday is always the worst day lol
    found you through 20sb can you follow me too?


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