Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, Why Thank You!

I'm so excited today because not only have I had a good day, but I woke up this morning to a blog award given to me by the sweetest Ashliegh over at Saga Of Potential Maturity thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So the rules for this is award is I have to list 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 people. {I think}
So here goes...

1) I actually quite like my own company. I'm not a loner, no. But I just love my own space and my own company, after all {and I've heard someone say this before} it is the one relationship you are going to have your entire life. So I guess I love me some 'me' time.

2) I'm absolutely afraid of the dark. This is not a joke, and probably something I'm somewhat embarrassed about. I guess as I've grown up I have curbed my fear a bit more professionally {that is I don't cry when the lights go off} but I still freak out a teeny weeny bit when things go bump at night.

3) It's absolutely crazy that I am afraid of the dark, but I love watching scary movies. And what better time to watch them than at night right? with the lights off, and volume up high? Yes. I can't do it alone though. I either have this one friend with me, who is a nut for scary movies, or the boy. Those two have officially become my scary movie watching buddies.

4) I'm a HUGE gift giver. I love getting things for people and seeing the expression on their face when they open it. Some may call it my love language, and it's probably true {although I think all love languages are my love languages} but I do like to make people feel special but getting them something they {hopefully} adore.

5) I have a theory that I can never get addicted to anything. I get obsessed yes, and that lasts awhile but addicted, never. I think things have their lasting date, and after that they get boring.

6) I've always wanted to go to Zanzibar on vacation. All I've seen are pictures and I'm sold. In fact now I'm looking at it as a possible honeymoon destination choice. I don't know, can someone just take me? Please.

7) I'm pretty terrified about what's going to happen next when I finally graduate. I kind of feel like my life in university was kind of my safe haven, but with that almost gone... what do I have?

Okay now to the 7 amazing people I will pass this award over to:

1) happy girls are the prettiest

5) Life Spelled J E N

7) Synfully Delicious

I’ve been reading these blogs for a while now, and I'm always happy when I do.




  1. Totally agree with number 2! 100%

    The awards are such a lovely idea :)


  2. thanks for the award. I will be posting soon.

  3. wow! thanks so much for the award!!

  4. thank you so much! :) i'll be posting about it soon!

  5. Thanks! Aw! Number 4 on your list is so sweet! And LOL I am the same way when it comes to number 3! I hope you're having a great day!

    XO Shar!

  6. oh my, I'm with you on numbers 1 & 2! I'm ALL about me time :)


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