Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Color Cocktails

Yellow is the new pink.
I don't know what it is but I have fallen in love with the color yellow. Maybe because it's almost winter over here and I'm trying to hold on to any brightness that there is. {I've seen so many blogs recently about sticking with bright colors during winter <-------- I. Agree. Completely. The weather itself is already dull, why play along?}
So in the spirit of winter {ugh} and coloring up the lifeless {insert swear word here} I've come up with a totally cool color combination, or color cocktail as you will. Yellow + Grey.
Okay, maybe I didn't actually come up with it, but I do definitely love the two together. Don't you?

Just look at how well they play together:

Le Design

Le Love

Le Fashion





This winter I am definitely going to get some yellow and grey combos, I absolutely love this color cocktail.
Hmmm maybe I could turn this into a Wednesday series? *thinks to self*

What color combinations are you guys in love with?



  1. I really love the combination of grey and yellow!

    But... I was just watching a Coco Chanel movie and I will never give up on cream and black. I prefer neutrals with small pops of color here and there. It makes the colors stick out more!

  2. I love white and bright yellow together! I just discovered how good it looked together, a couple of days ago when I wore it! I haven't tried grey and yellow yet, but it will probably look fab!

    XO Shar!

  3. I just bought a bright yellow bikini and had to bring back the long gray tank dress that I always used to wear last summer. Sorry you're about to go through winter, hope the color combinations work out for you!

  4. oo man I love that combination together! Everything looks fantastic. I especially love the last picture of the coat! Totally chic and I'm in love!

  5. I have given you a blog award! Come visit my blog to pick it up :)

  6. Courtney - Cream and Black are very nice colors together. I see why you love them. p.s. I love Coco Chanel movies.

    Shar- I agree. White and bright yellow are cute. In fact that is always how I pair any of my yellow clothes, with white or black. Go so nicely.

    Mackenzie - I love your buy. Thank you so much, and enjoy the warm weather for me (",)

    Erin- Thank you so much! Glad you're in love. That makes two of us! (",)


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