Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don't you just love good news!

I love good news don't you?
Even if it's somebody else's good news I get so happy and excited like somehow they're news is going to rub off on me.

My sister has been sharing good news with me lately and I'm so happy for her.
She's got a job, a perfectly good relationship, and recently she wrote an article that appeared in the newspaper.
The little loser still hasn't sent me the article, but I'm still so excited.
She gets to live her dream {and mine}, planning events, writing articles and having some kind of fun while she does it.

So to her I say congratulations sissy boo

But now let me share my good news.
I've been asked to become a writer on another blog called Scene B Seen. It's a fashion and beauty on line social website that people can go to to find out 'who's hot, what's not and where is where.' It's mainly centered the goings on around New York and Florida, and because I'm not from either of these places I felt like it was a lost cause for me.
But the people over at Scene B Seen are amazing, they said I could write about anything and whatever I like.

In fact I have my first article up, "Human Rights Campaign: Anna Wintour Speaks Out" and would absotively posolutely love it if you guys could check it out, and the website too.
Let me know what you think? There, or here.
Who knows, you may also find other things that interest you. (",)

Anything that you are excited about, want to share? I love good news. I promise I will celebrate it with you!



  1. Okay like so jealous but than really we all know you got it in you to do such things :)
    Hence I am still waiting for that article for MoTv :)

    Loves :)


  2. You did a great job on the article!
    Congrats :)

  3. That is so great! Congratulations!


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