Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogger Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: A Picture of You Last Year--- How Have You Changed?

Considering last year was only just 29 days ago, this challenge is a bit tricky. But here is a photo that was taken of me early last year, I think it must have been in August or something.

Unfortunately it is black and white, but this is one of my favourite photos, it reminds me of a day I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone. I was ambushed into a photoshoot by one of my friends for this clothing store called Krush Culture, and even though I was reluctant to do it, I had a lot of fun at the end of the day.

They have such amazing clothes, but not clothes that you would normally find me wearing. This is why I like the picture, because I stripped myself off normal and tried extraordinary, and it worked. (",)

What has changed about me since?

Hmmmm, this is so hard, because I feel the same, and I look the same but I know I have changed.
One thing I have difficulty with is pinpointing things about myself {whether good or bad} but talking about myself just doesn't come easy. Which is one of the reasons I chose to do this challenge, it is all about me and it is something I really need to learn. 

But for now, one thing I am certain of, is I don't think the same. A lot has happened in my life since last year that has caused me to look at certain situations differently. Not all bad though, some situations have really changed me for the better. :) but I just don't see life the same way anymore. As my sister would say "It's not that serious"

Don't get me wrong, life is the most serious thing I have ever come across. But we have a habit of making it even more so than it actually is. Life is good, and if we see it for the goodness that it is, all this petty stuff won't even matter much anymore. We will see the petty for the petty and just move on.
And that is where I am at.



  1. Aw, pebble! Happy self-discovery and growing into the fascinating young woman you wanna be and that I know you are!



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