Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes And Always #2

Hi Guys,

I am linking up with Megan again for another round of Sometimes and Always. Last week was my first time, and I had so much fun creating my own list and reading other peoples lists.
Feel free to join in at Mackey Madness.

SOMETIMES I sing in the shower
ALWAYS I think I sound better than I actually do

SOMETIMES I wish I could stay in bed all day
ALWAYS it doesnt make practical sense

SOMETIMES I get scared by starting something new
ALWAYS it excites me

SOMETIMES I bring a doggy bag home from a night out
ALWAYS somebody else ends up eating it

SOMETIMES I feel terribly weird telling strangers my name, so I lie about it.
ALWAYS the truth comes out

SOMETIMES I get scared *beep*less of the dark
ALWAYS I nothing actually ends up happening.

SOMETIMES I want to become a vegetarian
ALWAYS I can't stay away from chicken

SOMETIMES things may not seem like they will work out
ALWAYS they do

Join Megan for more Sometimes and Always fun.



  1. haha im scared of the dark, too! and i contemplated becoming a vegetarian, but i definitely couldn't give up chicken, either. i'd be fine without the other meats, though!

  2. I used to have to hide my leftovers somewhere in the fridge because they would always get eaten by someone else!!

  3. LOL isn't it funny how we always think we sound better in the shower than we do! That happens to me too! :P

  4. Love your sometimes and always, so true! I agree completely with the shower...I have an awful singing voice, but it all just seems together with a little bit of shampoo :) I just happened upon your blog and it's too cute! Hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!
    Twirling Clare


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