Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogger Challenge: Day 3

*side bar* I missed my 3rd post. :( I know. I unfortunately could not log in to blogger yesterday for some unknown reason. I tried all day, but it kept brining up some error. But I am up and running again now, and I bring you my challenge for day 3.
Day 3: Your First Love

This is definitely a tie between Leonardo Di Caprio and Macaulay Culkin.

These two boys kind of did it for me when I was younger.
Macaulay was so bad ass in the Home Alone movies, who wouldn't die? And Leonardo and that beach body of his? Wow.

As I have grown up however, these two have started losing their sex appeal to me. One is fat and the other looks like a druggie. No, thanks.

I am good with the real deal.



  1. "One is fat and the other looks like a druggie." HAHAHAHA! You and your guy look super cute together!


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