Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year (and all that other stuff)

I feel so guilty that I haven't been on here since the 12th of December. It even confuses me because all I ever think about it 'my next post'... I could say that I was busy, forgot my password, had no internet connection, or something so not the truth but in all honesty, I seem to have let go.
Not of my passion for blogging, no, never. 
But let go of finding the time and motivation to do it.
I blog all day in my mind, there is never a day that I am short of something to say in my little corner of the world wide web. And I am so grateful for those of you who have stuck around even when I had abandoned ship. I actually lost a couple of followers along the way (tear drop) but for me, this space is really about just being. I don't come on here to see how many more people have joined my site, even tough it is an added bonus, but I come on here to write, to talk, and to just be. 
I love my space, and this year, there will be lot's of changes around here. Firstly, changes in the many times I make a post. 

So let me officially start these changes by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 

I know it's already the 8th but we have a long way to go till the end of the year and I hope that everyone who has made resolutions and set new goals and targets reach all of them and more this year. 

I personally have no new resolutions this year, I didn't even give them a thought. Mainly because I suck at keeping my resolutions, but also because this year I decided to just live. 
A lot of changes had been made in my life throughout 2011, and all these changes made me realize that it is never too late to make changes, a lot of us wait for the right time, or the new year to make changes and even though it makes sense why you would want to leave something behind and start afresh in the new year, I've decided not to wait anymore. 
I've decided that life is too short to wait for perfect moments, and even though I will still plan things out, and do things at the right time, as far as changes go, it's never too late to make them now. 

But to each is own right?

Happy 2012 friends. Hope to see and meet more of you here on Lu3lus Crossing and over on your side of the World Wide Web. 



  1. Good to see you back :). I also spend time thinking about the blog post. I think it's normal to wanna share and write about what's going on in your life.

  2. Good to see you're back, I also slip away from my blog for chunks of time in the past, but making a change to that in 2012!

  3. Great post! Glad you're back!! -Audry Cece (20sb member)


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