Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eleven in 2011

Feels so weird to still be talking about 2011, but as I have spent sometime catching up with a few of your blogs, I have seen a lot of us have put into words the things that made us happy in 2011. Which is awesome because it's always good to remember why you smile. 
I decided to do the same because even though I may have left a few things behind, there will always be memories I carry forward. And it is kind of a nice way to end one chapter and begin another.

Eleven Things That Made My 2011

1. Finding Unexpected Bonds With People and Forming Close Friendships.
This specific thing is hard for me sometimes, mainly because I don't always throw myself out there for people to get to know me. And even though, I love meeting new people and making friends, it rarely happens. So I am thankful to those who took the time to get to know me, who I now call friends. (",) 
2. Freedom
Being away at University kind of gives you that  freedom that we all seem to always want. But in 2011 I experienced a new kind of freedom, not one that I was forced into, but one that I chose. I was able to make my own decisions and do what I wanted when I wanted. I dealt with having to look for my own job, look for an apartment to stay, paying rent, etc and that is what being out of university did for me. Some lessons were hard but it was worth it. 

3. Not Being Afraid
I am afraid of so many things. I had a friend in high school that called me 'chicken' and I still have people that tell me how much I worry about everything. And even though I still have these traits, last year I started to come out of it a little. Especially concerning where I see myself in the future. It's normal to be afraid of such things I suppose but when I decided I was going to plan my own birthday party and kick the s**t out of it, I really took one giant step for mankind. I kid you not. This seems pretty ridiculous doesn't it. 'Oh my gosh, she planned her birthday party, that was hard O_o' but event planning is my thing, and I haven't planned anything my entire life (except of course for in my head) but seeing my vision of something come to life really made me happy and I guess not afraid to do more of it. 

4. Baking
Even though I haven't done a lot of it lately, baking definitely makes my list. I found something that I can spend hours doing in the kitchen and not get sick of it. The only downside are the calories I could gain from all the baking but, oh my, how can one refuse cake?

5. Aerobics Class 
It didn't actually last long. A month, tops. But I have never felt so rejuvenated in my life before.Granted I could not walk for a couple of days, but it made me realize that I am definitely down for some bodily workout that is NOT the gym. So sign me up for dance class, synchronized swimming, anything. 

6. Getting A New Pair of Heels For Christmas 
I am totally obsessed with Heels! It's funny because the pair I got for Christmas are actually the first attempt at me making my shoe collection bigger. All I do is admire heels, I never buy them or get others to the buy them for me, I just always say how much I need them. But thank God for my sister who heard me and started me off. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have something to show for my obsession. 

7. Family
This Christmas I introduced the Mr to my family. As nervous as we both were things worked out perfectly. We spent time with family I haven't seen in ages and needed to see and it was so awesome how things just came together. All those lunches and gatherings (that made me fat) were all worth it. But now they need to pay for my gym bill is all. 

8. Applying and Getting Accepted for An Honors Degree
After my undergrad I really had no intention of furthering my education, at least for a while. As unambitious as that sounds I just felt like I was done with school at that time. I was eager to get out there and work, and 'start my life' but after much persuasion I applied anyway, and got in! Getting in was honestly the best feeling ever. And now I welcome the idea of more school so openly! In fact I am excited!

9. Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Did you see that!!!!

10.  FaraiToday
This blog really gave me endless opportunities. The woman behind the blog is also so amazing! I am just happy I met them (her and her blog) who I now work for. (",) 

Lastly and most importantly 

11. Having God By My Side 
Need I say more. ALL things have been possible for me because of it.



  1. This is an awesome idea, glad to see you grew a lot in 2011.

  2. Great things to remember the past year by!! I love baking too, and I'm also a little chicken hah!
    I'm looking forward to reading more of you :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Sweet post. I love this Idea! you should print this out and put it in a journal or something so you'll always have!:) -Audry Cece (20sb member)


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