Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily inspiration: Quote

I came across this earlier today, and it really touched me. I thought I could use it for today's inspiration.

Be Happy. Things may not always be so easy, or you may find yourself sad hurt and confused, but you can make happiness your choice.

Love the life you live, and I'm sure there will be many many many reasons to be happy.

I really needed to hear this.

Happy Friday!



  1. aaaaw I love the quote. thank youuuuuu


  2. yep, that is some fantastic inspiration!!!! thank you!!!

  3. Aww what a lovely post! Fantastic quote!
    I'm your new follower by the way - found you on 20sb - 1000 Followers for All.
    My blog is - hope you check it out!
    Cheers, Ashleigh

  4. You are most welcome Alexis :)

    Hi Ashley, Thank you for following. I just checked out your blog. Love it, I left a comment of my own. :)

    Lovely meeting you.

  5. I really, really love that quote! Being happy is the most important thing.

  6. Can you please make a quote that says live the life you love so you can love the life you live


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