Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Ideal 'Sucker'

We all know how the story goes, boy meets girl, blah blah blah, happily ever after.
This Disney kind of love has been drilled into me since Cinderella lost her shoe and fell in love, and Snow White ate an apple, almost died and fell in love.
I just want to throw in there that this can't be real right?
It's totally unfair how many times I've lost a shoe and never fallen in love because of it? Better yet, how many times have I eaten a rotten apple and achieved only an upset stomach, no prince charming, happily ever after or wedding bells! :/

I think that it's a good thing those stories ended there though, we all need a little fairy tale magic!
We wouldn't want to see what happens when suddenly the prince makes Snow White stop hanging with the seven dwarfs (the jealous dude) or when Cinderella in that huge palace of hers suddenly has to do the cooking, cleaning and the laundry because that prince of hers prefers 'his wife's touch' (the old fashioned dude) or when Beauty suddenly has to fight with her prince for the mirror because he is back to his old ways of me me me (the selfish dude)
That's definitely no prince charming.

I read this article (which inspired this post) talking about how we (as girls) always try to search for prince charming (who I might add not only exists in paper form, but behind the TV screen) and do whatever it takes to find him, even if it means turning down his brother prince I'm just a guy.
It got me thinking, and it's so true.
This idea of the perfect man has got us going crazy, making lists so unrealistic, going on and on about 'I want a guy that plays at least five instruments, takes me on vacations to the most exotic places, appreciates finer things, calls me at least 10 times a day and runs my bath water' and we make ourselves feel better by saying 'that isn't a lot to ask for right? I just want to be happy.'

We might as well just title that list unachievable.

List of unachievable things

No wonder guys always complain about girls trying to change them.
Well duh.
You are supposed to be prince charming.
Instead you are a slob, can too busy for me, a bit jealous at times, don't really know how to express you feelings, don't plan surprises for me, don't call as often enough, hang out with your friends way too much, and still manage to grab my attention.
Who the hell are you?
I could swear when I watched Cinderella I did not sign up for this.

But then again do us females know what we really want?

I know when I was younger, I had this list of what my ideal man should be: funny, handsome, caring, understanding, intelligent. It did not stop there though, as I grew up I kept changing and removing things, for instance instead of just funny anymore, it became have a good sense of humor, and then someone who's jokes I can understand, and now someone who can keep me laughing.
Sound the same?
Not really.
You see when I first wanted someone funny, I didn't realize that that meant that I needed to be able to find him funny, he can't just be funny, he needs to be funny to me. So I said good sense of humor. Again, my sense of humor is not like the next person's so while they think 'why did the chicken cross the road' is flipping hilarious I sure as hell don't.
So I changed it to jokes I can understand, but just because I understand why the chicken crossed the road did not make it any more entertaining so finally someone that can just make me laugh.
You see, I did not know what the hell I wanted. I just made a list and poor guy kept being booted off it.

So I guess the lesson is 1) Prince Charming does not exist and 2) girls don't know what they want even if he did exist.
We would probably try change prince charming.

Stick to your ideal 'sucker'
He may not call as often as you may want him too, or say the things you want to hear when you want to hear them, or know the difference between lilac and purple, or surprise you with shiny things but as long as he
loves you
respects you
protects you
takes care of you
makes you feel important
You are in business!

Who the hell needs prince charming when you got prince whats his face.

What are some of the qualities you guys look for in a partner?



  1. This is an AWESOME post. You're so right. Prince charming is so full of shit.
    The 'list of unachievable things' is hilarious. It's so true. Those three things can never be achieved.
    I'll also go for the ideal sucker :D

  2. I wouldn't want prince charming anyhow. I'd rather have the imperfect man who messes up every now and then. One who thinks the world of me. One who can take care of me - and make mistakes and learn with me. Being with the perfect man - would only amplify my imperfections.

  3. *two thumbs up* for the ideal 'sucker'
    It's so true, it's about loving the imperfect person perfectly.

  4. Thank you for stopping by! This post was definitely something I needed to read today. (= I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! I swear I just sat here and read your entire blog. LOL I am your newest follower!


  5. Visiting from Mingle Monday. You are right - there is no such thing as a price charming.

  6. (via Mingle Monday) What a great post & so well put! That is such a great perspective for us girls to remember :)


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