Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

What does it mean to wear your heart on your sleeve?

I asked a friend this earlier on twitter today when she tweeted:

'I am an emotional being, I wear my heart on my sleeve... if you make a choice to love me- love me for ALL of me'

I've always found that phrase interesting, and it got me thinking about what it actually means, at least to me, and besides just displaying your emotions openly to me it means

My heart is never wrong.

I never deny how I feel and when I do my heart is there to remind me otherwise.
I trust completely and when I shouldn't my heart is there to protect me.
I follow blindly because I know that in my heart I have a good GPS system, and will never take me to a place I cannot handle myself.
So yes, while I do feel pain and hurt and disappointed and angry, I choose to feel because for me that is better than not feeling.
I love.
And choose to have unfading courage in my heart.

What does it mean to you?



  1. Wearing your heart on your sleeve to me is like taking responsibility for what you allow your heart to feel. By displaying it you are saying you are the captain of your heart and you will protect all you hold dear in your heart.

    When i think of wearing something on the sleeve because of been a guy i immediately think sports. The captain is responsible for team moral n discipline on the field. So how i would relate this is as the captain of your heart is to be responsible for the feelings of those that are in your heart(team)

  2. So interesting to have a guy comment. yay!!

    I really love your take on it actually, makes so much sense.
    Being responsible for what you allow your heart to feel, and being the captain of your heart and protecting everything that is in it is something we should all learn to do.

    Love it!

  3. I believe "wearing your heart on your sleeve" means , in addition to what "donofjades" replied, to pour all your heart and soul into something you're most passionate about whether it has to do with your life's work or the "Love of Your Life".

    My fiancé once told me the main reason he fell in love with me was because I do, indeed, "wear my heart on my sleeve".
    When I asked why, he replied "Darling, you always give 100% no matter the situation. You give more than you take and it takes a special person to be able to do so".
    Of course, it was at that time my eyes started to well up.
    As a tear started to go down my left cheek, Kevin gently wiped it away and kissed me gingerly where he had wiped away my tear...

    I hope that made sense to you!
    Thanks for allowing us to comment!


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