Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is what I gave up

"Less Is More"

I was in a cab the other day, and on my way home the cab driver decided to stop by KFC to order out. He asked me if I want anything, to which I replied 'I wish I could order an avalanche and hot wings too but I can't'
The reason I couldn't wasn't because I was on a diet or anything. I had just done my grocery shopping, and the gate to my apartment is just too far I couldn't afford to carry anything else otherwise I would be walking like a tortoise.

This was too long of a story to explain, so I just left it at 'I wish I could, but I can't'
So he takes it on himself to find out why.
He asked me are you on a diet?
Did you give up KFC for lent?
Did you give up anything for lent?
(Really?) No.
Do you take part in lent?
(How does anyone answer this without feeling a little embarrassed?) No.

I have nothing against lent, in fact on more than one occasion I have felt like I really should take part. I even go as far as thinking what it is I would give up. But you see, I was not brought up doing it, so for me it's like learning to speak another language at 50.

But I did think about something I gave up recently.
Toilet paper.

This may sound strange, like what? you gave up TOILET PAPER? who does that? But seriously I think I abuse my right to use toilet paper. I don't know what my problem is, but I use a hell of a lot of it. Even if it is just to wipe a few drops of nail polish off my desk, I will use almost the whole roll.
It's like there is a siren in me that goes off when I see toilet paper that screams
"Ooooooooh fluffy white stuff, use it! Use it! Use it! Use a lot of it!"
So I do.
I hate to admit it but I have clogged up the toilet a time or two because of this. You would think that should teach me right?

I have had people complain about my insane use of toilet paper, my mother, my boyfriend, the toilet. 'It's out of control' they say, so I decided I have got to stop.
By stop I don't mean not use it at all. Now really, who does that?
I've just decided to ration myself and block out that wild siren.

My motivation:

Now maybe I will be taking more trips to the store to buy food instead of toilet paper.



  1. Wow, hahahaha when I saw you gave up toilet paper, I was like WHAT! But this actually made me laugh, wow. I also have a few things I abuse, like the word wow. Maybe I should give them up. Hmmmm.

    Funny post.


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