Monday, April 25, 2011

A new reason to enjoy Monday

I have found a new reason to enjoy my Monday's, and its all thanks to Meg over at the {Life of Meg}

She has put together this brilliant blog hop called 'Mingle Monday' that allows you to link up your blog every Monday and get the chance to meet absolutely, ridiculously, fantastically, amazingly cool people.

If you don't believe me cross over there yourself and take a look, but of course you believe me because this is the blog world and we are all so friendly over here. (",)

I've met some really incredibly funny people through Mingle Monday (even though I have only been at it for all of five minutes) with totally cool blogs (kind of makes me want to hide mine away at it's amateurness O_o) but I love it, it's fun and you should try it too.

Join the party.....
Happy Mingling

oh and {p.s.} If you do decide to join, cross over back here and let me know how it goes? yes? yes!



  1. Hello, just visiting from Mingle Monday and I totally agree, it is a fun way to enjoy Mondays and start the week finding fun and new blogs like your!!! Have a great day :)

  2. Thank you for visiting Sunshine (",)
    I crossed on over to your blog and left a little comment. (",)

  3. Hey just visiting, I'm your newest follower. You have such a cute blog!

    Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week. :)

  4. YAYY! I love Meg & Monday Mingle!! I love your blog & am your newest follower (:

  5. visiting from Mingle Monday!

    love your blog..can't wait to read more:)


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