Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If youre lucky and you know it clap your hands

"No I'm not lucky I'm blessed......

I don't really believe in horoscopes or lucky stars or fortunes and wishing wells or even the secret but I do find them harmlessly entertaining.
I mean we all want to believe in something right?
So sometimes (for the hell of it) when things go wrong, I may wish upon a star, or look for an answer from my horoscope, or throw a coin in a pond or something. Well, on Monday I ordered Chinese. This can't be complete without a fortune cookie right?
Make that two (desperate times call for desperate measures)

This is what they had for me:

Isn't it weird that both are about luck? :/

Now, I don't really believe in luck, I used to, but now I just believe that things happen for a reason, even though sometimes you may not know what the reason is.
I welcome luck though, oh hell yeah, Lord knows there have been a time a two that I needed it. So when I saw these fortunes I was thinking 'yes yes yes!!! but what could this possibly mean?'

It's funny because today I have heard the word 'luck' about five times.

1st time someone said I was lucky
2nd time someone said my boyfriend was lucky,
3rd time Jim Carrey said on TV that he was lucky
4th time people were talking about how lucky some people are to have stable marriages in this day and age,
5th time Billy Ray Cyrus expressed how lucky he thinks Miley Cyrus is.

What's with this word luck all of a sudden?

I don't really know if 'I am the chosen one' :/ or if 'luck is with me' but if I had to look at my life now and do a check list, I would definitely be counting more blessings than I would anything else. So hey maybe I am lucky, lucky to have a supportive family, amazing friends, countless opportunities, and life.

How do you feel about luck? Yay or nay?



  1. I'm not sure if I believe in luck. I think when something good happens to me, I believe less in luck and more in God, but when something bad happens to me, I believe more that it's bad luck. Lol. I know, that might not make any sense.

  2. No, lol it does make sense actually.
    I also account all the good things that happen to me as Gods work, and the bad things more as lessons I should be learning. *shrugs*
    Everything happens for a reason I say.

  3. I wish I could believe that everything happens for a reason, but there are too many things which happen in this world like poverty and child abuse which make me think that can't possibly be the case.

    I do believe in luck though, but I believe that you create your own luck/fate; I don't believe your path in life is set for you or that anyone can predict your future because the only person in control of that is you. Doesn't mean I don't read my horoscopes sometimes, usually for some help with a decision or confirmation about a decision I've already made!


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