Saturday, April 23, 2011

I do! Do you?

My recent obsession: Weddings

I've been watching this reality TV show 'Bridal Plasty' on the Style Network, and it's got me hooked!
It's basically about weddings (bridal) and surgeries (plasty- plastic surgery). The two usually don't do anything for me.
1) I never obsess about weddings and when people do I think really? I have never thought about how my dress should look like, or where my wedding should be, or how many guests I will have or where my honeymoon is going to be or anything really. I've just gone as far as saying I want a June wedding and I blame Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway for that.
2) I have a friend that's always asking me if I would do surgery and if yes, where and what? I just tell her hell no, nowhere and nothing!
I have nothing against it or the people who do it but it just looks a) scary and b) expensive and c) a lot of work just to go through to change something about yourself that probably really wasn't that bad to begin with.
I just can't imagine changing anything about myself. This is not to say I think I am perfect beyond words, but I like the fact that my boobs are not to perky and my stomach has a little bulge.
Would I like to lose weight, yes. Would I cut myself to do it, no.

But this show has changed my perspective of at least one thing.
In this show these ladies have to go through a series of challenges, from finding the perfect dress, to lessons on how to act on your honeymoon, to finding the perfect wedding cake and flower bouquet to creating the perfect invitations, everything.
It's got me way too excited about picking put my wedding dress, that I started googling some prospective choices. Here is what I came across:

What I love: the feathery fluff at the bottom

What I love: the lace detail
and the band around her waist


What I love: the back
the color
Italicand the tail

What I love: The back and the tail

What I love: the detail

What I love: the lace and waist band. (I must say I don't think I could do that much lace but she looks gorgeous in this dress)

What I love: the detail and the bow

What I love: the length and it kind of has this vintage feel to it

I love love love these dresses. Anyone with me?

I did not forget the Royal Wedding. All this wedding talk kind of makes me want to watch it. I had no intentions to do so, mainly because William broke my heart, but now that I think about it, should be interesting to see.

Who is with me?



  1. So, I am with you. While I'm far from perfect, I'm so not about to go under anesthesia and risk dying for something that I can change about myself - myself. :)

    And looking at those dresses made me miss how much fun I had looking through bridal magazines admiring wedding gowns.

    Funny thing about mine - it was the last last one off the rack for me to try, and the one that off the hanger I thought I'd like the least; and yet once I tried it on, I didn't try on any others. It was it. :) I found that the dresses I "thought" I would love, or at least I loved on the models - I hated on me. Funny how that works....

    Happy Easter!

  2. so SOOOO gorgeous....makes me want to have our wedding day all over again!

  3. Oh my gosh! That lace dress is GORGEOUS! Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Hi =)

  4. ooh pretty pretty pretty..i'm obsessed with anything bridal!

  5. Hey there ! Found your blog through 20sb - I love this post! I've never thought about my wedding either (Except that, if I marry my boyfriend, July 9th would be awesome since my birthday is July 8th and his is the 10th- what a fun three days that would be! :)


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