Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain'

"If you laugh a lot,
when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places"

I had an uncontrollable fit of laughter today. It was simply the best.

My friend said to me 'why do you keep laughing'
I had no answer. But what I should have said was

'I laugh because it's cheaper than medicine'

You see the thing is, one minute I'm giving a presentation from hell.
My nerves are all over the place, people are staring at us, we are saying the right things at the wrong places, we are skipping section after section, it was just so bad. All I kept thinking was how much longer do we have to do this for.
You would think this would make me want to just disappear, but my friends reaction killed me. She kept saying,

'oh no, oh my god, oh wait, that's wrong, I'm sorry'

under her breath.
I'm like dude, who are you talking to?
So, I laughed.
Yup, during the presentation. I just laughed. I did my best to cover it up though, and remain professional, but hell, we were well on our way to a bad mark what difference would it have made.
I could have broken out into song and still have made no difference.

We were sinking.

I hate presentations, in fact, that's not true. I hate having to talk in front of people, that's what it is, especially about things I don't know about.
They say picture the audience naked, or doing the Macarena or something, but that doesn't actually help me. It's like are you kidding me? Now we are all just looking stupid. Them dancing, and me standing here talking to them dancing.

I'm just grateful that I took the situation for what it was.
Damn hilarious.
I still pray that I got a fairly good mark, Lord knows I need it.
But I had amazing fun today, then and since then.

Who knew my amazing day would come from such a horrible experience.

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday lovelies!



  1. This is very true, laughing just lifts your spirits up. It's so contagious and refreshing to laugh.

  2. I hate presentations and talking in front of people too but you've got to love uncontrollable fits of laughter! :D

  3. was this friend Naa? i feel like it sounds like her!


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