Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Want to make the world dance"

Music is one of those cure the soul kind of things to me. It does a good job at almost making me feel better, almost, because food and sleep do the other half.

But music, oh my, music really does it for me. When I study, when I sleep, when I'm happy or sad, music is my friend. It's kind of like reading a book, you manage to block out all that's around you and just be.

What I am feeling at the moment:

1. On The Floor ft Pitbull

2. I'm Into You ft Lil Wayne

1. Do It Like A Dude

2. Price Tag ft B.o.B

1. Beautiful Mistake

2. Fearless
3. Lose control ft Nelly

1. Roll Up

2. No Sleep

1. Super Bass
2. Dear Old Nicki
3. Moment For Life
4. Wave Ya Hand

I can't explain how happy I get when I listen to any of these songs.

Music is.......................




  1. 1st!!!!!sigh i have been unable to keep up with your multiple posts but i always love it when i do get a chance to read it...music is the universal language everyone can relate to :)

  2. Velmaaaaaaa, I like that
    'music is the universal language everyone can relate to'
    It definitely is Miss!

    Keeping up with Lu3Lu.. haha.
    please do try!

  3. I love how music is so mood altering! Music is a (almost) constant companion - at work, at home, at the gym, and of course in the car! Music is great!

  4. Exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself 'companion'
    I like how you also put (almost) there too. Haha.


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